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Forollhogna National Park with its surrounding protected areas stretch across a large area in the counties of Trøndelag and Innlandet. You can reach the starting points by train, bus, or car.




Nasjonalparkstyret for Forollhogna
Postboks 2600
7734 Steinkjer

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By car

If arriving by car, Vingelen and Dalsbygda are just off the Fv30 between Tynset and Røros. A little north of Ålen city centre, turn off from Fv30 to Hessdalen. Vollan Farm and Kvikne National Park Centre is just off the Rv3 between Tynset and Ulsberg. If going to Budalen, turn off from Fv30 between Røros and Støren, or from E6 in Soknedal.


Train and bus

For information on routes and options visit Vy.no and Entur.no

The Røros Railway takes you by train to the villages next to Forollhogna from the south, east, and north. The railway stations at Tynset, Tolga, Os and Røros are starting points for trips to Vingelen and Dalsbyda to the west of the river Glomma. The Ålen Railway Station, between Røros and Støren, are closest to Hessdalen, whilst the stations at Kotsøy and Rognes are closest to Budalen. If you have a bike and want to explore Forollhogna, all these railway stations are great starting points.

The Dovre Railway takes you to the west- and northside of Forollhogna, stopping at Berkåk, Støren and Trondheim.

Starting from Kvikne, you can take a bus between Tynset and Ulsberg, and onwards to Berkåk, Støren and Trondheim.

If arriving by train or bus, it’s possible to take a taxi to the villages in the Forollhogna area.

Røros lufthavn is the closest airport.



There are many places to stay the night in and around the protected areas of Forollhogna. In the villages you will find hotels, camping sites and mountain lodges. You can also rent a cabin or stay in your own tent.

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