The national park village of Vingelen is found in an open and sunny hillside ca. 720 meters above sea level. It’s known for its beautiful cultural landscape with old log houses and well-kept farms. We recommend a walk through the village!




Nasjonalparkstyret for Forollhogna
Postboks 2600
7734 Steinkjer

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Vingelen centre

Located in the municipality of Tolga, the national park village is well worth a longer stay. With dark brown historical log houses scattered on the hills, and a beautiful white church built in 1880. The well-preserved buildings and active seasonal mountain hill farming make Vingelen special. There are several accommodations and places that serve local food. It is also a great starting point for exploring Forollhogna.

Practical information

For accommodation and food visit or find cabins for rent at



Bunåva café and Forollhogna Information Centre

Bunåva café and Forollhogna Information Centre is located next to the grocery store. It serves local food and sells local produce. There is also an exhibition, and you can get information about the protected areas in Forollhogna. Different events, theme nights and concerts are offered year-round.

Photo: Jan Egil Jægersborg


In and around Vingelen great experiences await if you like biking. In the summer you can bike along mountain farm roads and trails. Using a bike to visit the different villages surrounding Forollhogna is also recommended. There are bikes for rent. For more information,


Hikes with a view


A fairly easy hike. The trail takes you through a varied landscape, from downy birch forests to the mountainside above the treeline. There are exciting stones and slag heaps for children to explore at Gruvvola. The hike starts from Lia at Vingelssætra. For more information visit


From the top of Nonsvola there is a great view of Vingelen and the surrounding mountains. This hike is well suited for slightly older children. There are several trails to the top. One starts at Skardstjønna to the west of Vingelen village centre, or from Åsan. For more information visit

Photo: Jan Egil Jægersborg
Birdtower by Nylandstjønna

The bird watching tower at Nylandstjønna

More than 80 different species of birds are registered here! A visit to the bird watching tower is a great way to explore nature, whether you are a bird enthusiast or not. This is a breeding place for birds like the tufted duck, horned grebe, and crane. In spring it’s a stopover for rare breeds of mountain duck waiting for the ice to break on lakes further inland in Forollhogna. In summer it’s bustling with ducklings searching for bugs along the lakeside. Nylandstjønna is only a short distance from the parking space next to Røsli Farm. Show consideration for farming activities.