Hessdalen is the starting point for visiting Øyungen Protected Landscape Area and Forollhogna National Park. Nearby the hamlet there are several nice hikes and many opportunities for fishing.




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Hessdalen lies in the north-eastern part of the Forollhogna mountain areas, ca. 12 km from the city centre of Ålen. It’s a long and relatively open mountain valley with active farms and some tourism.

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There are many nice activities! You can walk, ski, or ride a bike through the valleys leading up to the national park. East, towards Ålen, or southeast towards the King’s Mine and Røros.

Or maybe take a trip around the idyllic lake Hessjøen, see map at ut.no..

In Hessdalen you can also go horseback riding, go for a guided hike, take a UFO-safari or experience seasonal mountain farming.

If you want to hike into Forollhogna National Park, there are several options. You will get a great view from the top of Berghøgda, (1246 moh), or you can follow the route from Elgsjømoen to Dalbusjøen.

Photo: Fjellstyrene i Holtålen
Photo: Astrid Alice Haug


At Hessdalskjølen, the approach to the hamlet, you can find information about Hessdalen and the Hessdal phenomenon. You can also learn more about protected areas, hunting and fishing, activities, cultural heritage, and tourism. This is the starting point for an easy and well-marked trail to Rogne viewpoint (917 mas.).

Biking in an incredible landscape

Hessdalen is great for biking. You can park your car at the information site and ride your bike to Hessjøen, Øyungen and Båttjønndalen .

Riding a bike to Hessjøen og Kjølidalen. is recommended for families with children. At Hessjøen there are nice spots for taking a rest and swimming in the lake.

This is also good starting point for taking part in the race Øyungen rundt, the route goes between the seasonal mountain farming areas of Øyungen and Båttjønndalen. 

Learn more here: Øyungen rundt

Photo: Geir Wagnhild
Photo: Høgskolen i Østfold

Mysterious lights in the sky

Hessdalen is internationally known as the UFO-village. There have been many observations of unexplainable lights in the sky. The first observation of a “burning ball of fire” was on the evening of December 8th in 1981. Similar phenomena have been seen other places in the world. They are also called “ghost light” or “earthlight”. Many visit Hessdalen to get a glimpse of these strange occurrences, but the beautiful nature is also worth a trip.

For mer informasjon, se Visit Hessdalen


Want to try your luck at fishing? There are many opportunities. The mountain boards of Ålen and Haltdalen have facilitated places for fishing and resting several places. At Langen in Båttjønndalen there is a fishing site for people with physical disabilities. There are five fishing piers, accessible toilets, benches, and campfire place.

Fishing licences can be purchased at inatur.no or locally. For more information,
visit Ålen Mountain Board

Photo: Fjellstyrene i Holtålen