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Dovrefjell is the only place in Norway, and one of the few in the world, where you can experience musk oxen. You can venture into the mountains in search of musk oxen on your own, of course, but if you do, you must be well prepared. A fully grown musk ox can weigh 450 kilos and can run 60 km an hour. You can’t. Therefore, we advise you to join an organized guided musk ox safari.




Nasjonalparkstyret for Forollhogna
Postboks 2600
7734 Steinkjer

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Musk Oxen in Dovrefjell
On a guided tour, you are almost certain to see this primeval animal in Dovrefjell. The guide will keep you safe and give you plenty of time to study and photograph the musk oxen.

An organized musk ox safari departs every day all summer long, and a few operators offer musk ox safaris to order in the winter. In summer, the trip lasts about six hours, which is suitable for most people. Depending on where the musk oxen are, you should be prepared to walk between 7 and 15 km.

On this page, we have compiled a list of recommended operators of musk ox safaris in Dovrefjell. They are approved by the National Park Board to conduct such activities, and this approval is mandatory for guiding groups in the national park.

Photo: Hjerkinnhus
Title Address Description
Furuhauglie 80, 2660 Dombås, Norge
Oppdal Safari
Oppdal, Norge
Magalaupe camping
Skredavegen 15, 7340 Oppdal, Norge
Dovre og Lesja aktiv
Dovrefjell, 2661 Hjerkinn, Norge
Hjerkinn Fjellstue og Fjellridning
Kvitdalsvegen 12, 2661 Hjerkinn, Norge


Furuhaugli organizes guided musk ox safaris in Dovrefjell daily in summer and on request in winter.


Magalaupe Camping

For those who want to photograph and study wildlife, we offer musk ox safaris led by our renowned guides Ingmar and Terje. The guides speak three languages.


Oppdal Safari

At Oppdal Safari, we can be your guide in several of the major national parks, and we will gladly assist in giving you some of the most exclusive wildlife experiences that Central Norway has to offer.


Dovre og Lesja aktiv

We organize musk ox safaris from June to September. Our safaris last about six hours. Our safaris are led by seasoned guides who are experienced in finding musk oxen in Dovrefjell.

Hjerkinn fjellstue

Hjerkinn Fjellstue og Fjellridning

We are the only operator in the world who offer musk ox safaris on horseback!